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Interested in Volunteering?

Scio Fire District has Drill night on Monday's from 7:00 PM-9:00 PM weekly. We encourage those who may be interested to preview our drill night operations and to give us a call if wanting to attend. Call us today for more questions, and ask to speak to our recruiter!

How to become a firefighter?
New recruits of Scio Fire District are sent through a firefighter academy that is held from January to June with classes held on every other weekend. While going through Academy we still want our recruits to learn the ropes by running calls with our existing firefighters. During Academy, students learn the basic functions of being a firefighter. Such as learning: ropes/knots, ladders, donning/doffing firefighter turnouts, basic hazmat operations, and more! This academy is a physical and book work course.

What does a firefighter do:
At Scio Fire District our number one goal is SAFETY, not only for us but for everyone. 
 As a firefighter our duties include but do not limit: 
- Respond to 911 dispatched calls
- Structure Fires
- Vehicle Fires
- Wildland Fires
- Continuously train on skills
- And More!

Did you know that we have a residency program?
A resident is a volunteer that lives in station and responds on their assigned shift days on a rotating shift, 24/48. Having their own dorm room, and sharing common areas, such as: the kitchen, the restroom, the laundry room, and the dayroom. The resident doesn't pay rent, but is expected to keep tidy of the common areas. We want our residents to continue to educate themselves by continuing school and maintaining their GPA. Continuing education can become expensive, to help our residents we give tuition assistance to help elevate some of the cost per term.

Minimum Requirements:
- 18 Years of Age
- Oregon Driver's License
- Insurable Driving Record
- High School Diploma

Linked below is the Scio Fire District Volunteer Application! To apply, fill it out and turn it in via email or in person!

Attach Copy of Certifications

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