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Burn Questions-

    In the Scio Fire District, open burning is regulated and enforced by the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ). Before burning, contact the Linn County Burn Line at 541-451-1904.  The number will connect you with an automated message that is updated daily and informs you whether or not burning is allowed. 

OPEN BURNING SEASON - There are two DEQ regulated Open Burning Seasons - Spring and Fall. If you wish to burn during open burning season you must call the Linn County Coordinated Burn Message Line each day for that day's burn regulations. The Linn County Coordinated Burn Message Line number is (541) 451-1904.

Spring Season* is March 1 through June 15
Fall Season* is October 1 through December 15

*These beginning and ending dates are general guidelines, and are subject to change by the local fire authorities based on the existing or predicted fire risk at that time.

Specifically for recreational fires, the DEQ website states : Recreational fires, or fires for pleasure, cooking, or similar purposes are exempt from needing a permit. This includes ceremonial fires where a fire is appropriate and is not used for disposal purposes. The operation of barbecue equipment is also considered part of recreational burning and a permit is not required.

Follow this link to go to the Department of Environmental Quality:  Department of Environmental Quality : Types of Burning : Air Quality : State of Oregon

For some houses South of Hwy. 226 and East of Richardson’s Gap, homeowners may need to get a permit from the Oregon Department of Forestry.  Follow this link to go to the ODF website:  Oregon Department of Forestry : Burning & smoke management : Fire : State of Oregon  There you will find an interactive map that will tell you whether or not you are in the ODF boundary.


Agricultural burning (field burning) is regulated by the Oregon Department of Agriculture.  Follow this link to go to their website:  State of Oregon: Oregon Department of Agriculture - Home


Additional information may be found on the Linn County Fire Defense Board website at:  Home | Linn County Fire Defense Board

For more questions regarding burning you can visit:

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